Frequently Asked Questions

Think of a flatbed as making your truck a tool or hired hand.  Once you have a flatbed you will never want a normal bed on your truck.  There are over 1000 reasons to need a flatbed.
  1. More surface area for hauling
  2. Secure your tools better
  3. Carry stuff on your flatbed instead of a trailer
  4. Workbench
  5. Ability to mount tools on top
  6. Easier to load stuff
  7. More visibility
  8. Save the corners of your cab
  9. Haul ladders and material
  10. Additional cab protection
  11. Protect your rear window
  12. You get the point, this list can go on forever.

It all depends on what you are trying to do.  If you are trying to buy the cheapest flatbed to get you by, Bison Tough flatbeds are probably not for you.  If you need a heavy duty flatbed or you have experienced the pitfalls of a cheaper bed, look at what Bison Tough has to offer.

Also if you need a custom built bed and have planned ahead, we can build you the bed you need to help you get your work done.

If you are going to use the bed everyday and beat it up, it matters greatly on  what bed you buy.  A Bison Tough flatbed is the only steel flatbed on the market today with a lifetime structural warranty. Our minimum size structural main supports are 5″ C Channel for 7×7 and larger beds.

Compared side by side, there really is no comparison to a Circle D, Temco or CM bed.  Bison Tough is heavy duty and designed for everyday commercial use.


Many factory hitches were designed in conjunction with a factory bumper to meet the factory ratings.  Some factory hitches use round tubes such as GM, which were never designed for heavy loads.  Google “gm hitch failure” to learn more about why you should pay special attention to your factory hitch if you have a GM truck.

Some flatbed manufacturers use C channel hitches. Because of the need for torsional rigidity on a hitch, square tubes are superior.




It all depends on what you are trying to do. If you have factory truckbed on your truck in good condition, you can try to sell your bed on craigslist or facebook.  Try to coordinate with us so we can make sure we have your bed in stock.  A bed in excellent condition with a tailgate goes for $800 and up.  This will help you with your flatbed purchase.  Another option is to keep your factory truckbed so you can put it back on when you sell your truck.  Bison Tough flatbed will out last your truck.



We don’t keep these smaller flatbeds in stock. We custom build these to your truck.  Let us know what you are trying to outfit.
Prices start at $1900 and go up.  See the inventory page for current pricing and availability.
Yes.  When go even heavier duty for the larger trucks. Call us to discuss and to schedule your build.
Flatbeds weigh at least 800lbs and go up.  For smaller trucks such as Tacomas, we use lighter material and try to keep the beds around 600 lbs.
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